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Complete Data Protection from TopRack

Data loss of any size can hinder productivity and could potentially harm customer satisfaction rates and your reputation. What’s worse, will most certainly impact your bottom line.

As technology advanced with the development of the Internet, so did the nature and vast quantity of data that businesses collected and retained. From operational documents and accounting figures to confidential patient materials and banking information, companies now process and maintain more data than ever before.


With limited budgets and limited IT resources, protecting your business critical data is a major challenge. Let’s face it. Things go wrong, someone deletes a file by mistake, systems get hacked or corrupted, or worse, a natural disaster occurs.

Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual Server Hosting

The threat of data theft, natural disasters, and hardware failures can result in a hard hit to a business’ bottom line, costing days of downtime and thousands of dollars, as well as irreversible damage to a business’ reputation.

Protect Yourself NOW
Offsite Backup

Offsite Backup

Every organization needs a data contingency plan. Most businesses already have them in place for other disaster scenarios: fire, snow emergencies, or illness.

Make sure that your business will be able to function normally even if every computer crashes.

Ensure No Loss Of Data
24x7 Monitoring Services

24x7 Monitoring Services

Take charge of the computers on your network with our 24x7 monitoring service.  Evaluate security risks and network performance realtime.

Monitor Now

Focus on your business, not your backup.

Our file-and-folder backup ensures you’ll be able to recover from the most common kind of loss – an accidental deletion. Knowing you can easily restore the document, spreadsheet or folder in a pinch is invaluable.

We follow Microsoft best practices for backing up Exchange, SQL and System State. It’s critical to have a system that’s built to manage these datastores, or restores will be difficult and error prone.

We also support backups of your VMware images. Our support for moving large files offsite – a key technical differentiator for our company – means you can move VMware images offsite for ultimate data protection.

Files and folders, data stores and images – you can back up and recover them all with TopRack.


Sleep well at night knowing your data is secure.

Robust data-archiving settings allow you to save historical data as long as you need and meet applicable compliance standards.  Store an unlimited number of versions of the same file so there’s no fear of accidental deletion or overwriting a file.  Verify your backups with logs and reporting, with detailed statistics about your backups.  

Back up a single computer or server, multiple computers, laptops or even multiple offices, all under one account.